Walking Tour Holidays in Italy

Welcome to Tuscany Walking. We have been guiding walking tour holidays and hiking vacations here in northern Tuscany, Italy, since 2005. We have a wealth of experience and knowledge of this spectacularly beautiful area which is in Northern Tuscany from Lucca to in and around the Garfagnana National Park to Castelnuovo di Garfagnana and beyond. We have put together a series of inspiring and beautiful walking tours for all levels of experience and abilities that we that we would like to share with you. Walking with us here at Tuscany Walking, you will experience the real Italy on your vacation. You will walk in ancient hilltop hamlets, hike in spectacular mountains, see refreshing streams and rivers and experience natural peace surrounded by the most stunning scenery in what is an undiscovered and unspoiled part of Italy.

With Tuscany walking you will experience a traditional Italian way of life. Meals are traditionally prepared using recipes passed down for generations and using the freshest natural ingredients.

We have put together a series of inspiring and beautiful walking tours for all levels of experience and abilities that we that we would like to share with you. Walking with us here at Tuscany Walking, you will experience the real Italy on your vacation, in a peaceful and unspoiled part of Tuscany.

As the week went by the walks just got better and better (not giving away any secrets here – you need to see for yourself!); suffice to say that over the duration we covered various terrains from wooded valleys, meandering river valleys, hilltop villages and high Apuan Alpine country. The pace wasn’t too hard going despite the heat – worth considering if what you’re after is a major hard-core workout – but for us it was perfect (it was a holiday after all!) and each incorporated about 5 or so hours walking with a delicious and leisurely packed lunch along the way (provided courtesy of Jan – thank you!).

Feel Good

It’s amazing when you are feeling good and at one with yourself and the world.

Imagine feeling amazing and walking in the most inspiring and spectacular scenery in a real and unspoiled Italy, where you can breathe the freshest air and eat delicious Italian meals made in the traditionally way with healthy, locally produced, seasonal ingredients.

Combine that with a great walking tour and hiking vacation, tailored to your pace and you are with us right here at Tuscany Walking.

Relax and free yourself from the stress of day to day living in a corner of Tuscany where you can reconnect with nature and live life at a slower pace in beautiful and idyllic surroundings.

It’s no coincidence that this area was a favourite amongst musicians, artists and poets including Percy Bysshe Shelley, Mary Shelley and Giovanni Pascoli.

Today the zone still attracts people from all over the world who love the arts, spectacular scenery and peace.

Accommodation is very comfortable and traditionally Italian with an outdoor pool and jaw dropping mountain views. Dinners are prepared in Italian style with super fresh local ingredients and traditional methods using recipes that have been handed down through the generations. All are washed down by delicious local wine.

Here at Tuscany walking we keep our groups smaller so that we can give you a better and more tailored walking tour holiday / hiking vacation. If you are a larger group, don’t worry because we can easily cater for you and we also offer discounts on groups of 4 or more when you all book together. Just contact us for more information.

Non-walking partners are very welcome here at Tuscany Walking. We can arrange a variety of interesting activities including painting, tennis, horse riding or cookery.

Meals on your Walking Tour Holiday in Tuscany

Eating is a very important pastime here in Italy and you’ll certainly work up an appetite here not only with hiking but also with our fresh clean air that this part of Tuscany is famous for.

We provide you with tasty picnic lunches to eat on walking days. Your lunch will be made with local seasonal ingredients, including fruits, vegetables with a variety of Italian breads and meats.

Dinners during your walking tour holiday, are delicious and cooked in the traditional “casalinga” style. We use old recipes that have been handed down for generations and also the freshest ingredients grown on the land nearby. Some, such as polenta and bread, are made with ingredients grown on the premises . Alternatively, depending where you stay, you will enjoy a chef cooked varied daily menu using tasty Italian recipes and fresh ingredients. Dinners are eaten outdoors or indoors at the hotel restaurant. We also cater for any special dietary needs, just ask.

Scenery on your Hiking Vacation

The scenery here in this part of Tuscany, has been described by our guests as dramatic, spectacular, stunning, peaceful, spiritual and a “real paradise.” You will find the area staggeringly beautiful and very different from the over crowded, uncomfortably hot and very commercial areas of southern Tuscany. Here you won’t find the stifling crowds that you see in the more famous Tuscan places. Life here is traditional, slow and in harmony with nature. You will find fresh air, peace and tranquility away from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

You should be prepared for fabulous sunsets, amazing woodlands, incredible scented air, ancient hamlets and a sense of peace tranquility. You will feel at one with your natural surroundings.

Barga the Local Town

Barga, described as one of the prettiest towns in Italy, is nestled in an unspoiled corner of Northern Tuscany on the edge of the Garfagnana National Park and in the province of Lucca.

This region hosts some of most spectacular scenery that Italy has to offer and a lifestyle that is timeless, natural and traditional.

Every afternoon on returning from a walk we had a few hours to wind down, kick back and cool off in the sparkling pool at the agriturismo before heading either into Barga for some traditional Italian fayre (be warned there can be just too much food on offer!) or even better as provided by Franka with her wonderful culinary skills and knowledge. Northern Tuscany doesn’t fit the archetypal vision that most people think of as Tuscany; it is far more dramatic and we felt breathtaking and less touristy than other areas.
Jan is running a fantastic business here and we hope it goes from strength to strength – and I for one would be back for more tomorrow if I could be !