Tuscany Walking

Small Group Guided Walking in Italy


for walking in an uncrowded corner of Tuscany


is in the heart of undiscovered Tuscany.

An area of traditional living, good food and natural beauty.

Walking in Italy

Here at Tuscany Walking we believe in small group walking for pleasure. We don’t want you to miss any of the stunning views that this spectacular part of Italy has to offer we want to show you true Tuscany at local level.

So take your time, drink in the views, take some fabulous photos and enjoy your tasty freshly prepared lunch.

We welcome walkers of all ages and abilities and we can tailor our weekly tour itinerary to suit the expectations and  fitness of the walking group. Guests of similar abilities are grouped together, so whether you are a beginner or an experienced walker we have walks to suit you walking with others of a similar ability.

Our main guides are British, and have lived in the area for many years. They speak Italian and have an in-depth local knowledge. We also have local Italian guides who speak English or if not, we send our translator along too.

We want to give  you a holiday, walking in Italy that you will always remember.

During a normal walking week you will walk 5 times and have a free day.

The walks are typically 4 – 5 hours 8 – 15 Km duration and take place on hilltops with amazing views for miles, through ancient chestnut woods and on historic paths and country lanes. The area is hilly and so there are ascents involved in our walks. Some of them can be steep in parts but we keep these short for inexperienced walkers.

For more experience walkers, we can easily extend walks to make them more challenging if you wish.

During your walks there is time to enjoy a tasty lunch before returning to relax around the pool. Then it’s off to a typical Tuscan dinner!

Walks are not compulsory and you may take extra rest days if you wish. We also have activities for non walkers, just ask.