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Sample Tuscany Walking Itinerary

Sample Tuscany Walking Itinerary:

Walk 1

Barga – Albiano – Sommocolonia – Barga Circular walk approx 5 kilometers 3 hours

This walk is a short walk to give you some idea of the terrain and for our guide to finalise the program for the week.

This walk starts in the centre of Barga along the old sentiero (mule track) to the village of Albiano. From there we continue uphill to a quiet road, which traverses the woodland across the edge of a hill, where it joins the mule track again from Ponte di Catagnana to Sommocolonia.

At this point we have the choice to descend and make our way back to Barga via woodland, or if desired we can continue up to Sommocolonia, a small village which was fought over many times during WW2 because of its strategic value.

This walk involves some climbing, but nothing too steep, walks through the woods and stunning views of Barga.

Walk 2

Gallicano – Eremito di Calomini Circular walk approx 8 kilometers 4 hours

After a short drive, then a walk along the river and through woods with stunning views of the cliffs, we pass the local trout farm and continue on the old Sentiero di Eremo.

We then continue along a quiet road for about 2 kilometers up to the Eremito, the site of the monastery at Calomini where you may wish to visit.

We return by a different route through woodland.

Walk 3

Loppia and Tiglio approximately 14 kilometres 5 hours

We begin our walk from Barga, along a quiet road to the locality of Buvicchia. Here you will have the chance to take some photo’s of the great views of Barga.

We continue from Buvicchia through woods crossing the river Ania, walking the mule track onwards and upwards until we reach Tiglio. Another spectacular photo opportunity!

Just an over all wonderful adventure–Hats off to you

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Walk 4

Aquedotti Nottolini Lucca, Medici Asciano and Barga 6/7 kilometres 5 hours

A chance to see three completely different aqueducts in one day!

Lucca’s aqueduct designed by Luccese architect Lorenzo Nottolini built between1823 and 1851.

Drive to just outside Lucca and from here a walk towards to the source of the water.

This walk can be done in two distinct sections. Gentle uphill climb through woods and on the descent back with stunning views of Lucca and also a walk along the acqueduct to Lucca and return. We also have the option of driving towards Pisa to see and walk a length of the Medici aqueduct there. On our return to Barga we can compare our own aqueduct!

Walk 5

Monte Matanna and Rifugio Forte di Marmi approx 13 kilometers 5/6 hours

A chance to walk in the Apuan Alps in a safe environment. Drive for about 45 minutes to where the Lucca Alpine Club was founded in 1923. Then a relatively short and easy walk to the ridge of Monte Matanna where there are views across to the Versilian Coast.

From here we continue across the hill retaining the sea views and then through wooded slopes for about 1 hour until we reach a local Rifugio to take lunch and use the facilities. Then comes a long climb back towards Monte Matanna, but the views make it all worthwhile.

Please remember that this is a sample itinerary which is subject to change depending on the season and the weather. We have many other interesting and exciting walks available for you too.

a truly terrific holiday – I’ve never had one that was totally stress free…

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