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We are starting our blog out of our love of living in this spectacular place and also out of wanting to offer tips for healthy living.

Here in Italy, especially during the warmer months, life is outdoor life. There are wonderful opportunities, in our region, to get out into the countryside for experiencing some of the most beautiful walks of Italy. There are many “sagra” events, where towns and villages hold a festival for a number of days where¬†local food is prepared using traditional Italian recipes and people come together and eat at long tables. Dancing is very popular at these events and both liscio (ballroom type dancing) and disco dancing as well as a kind of Italian line dancing can be enjoyed.

Not only can you go and walk in beautiful Italy, but you can also look for healthy and tasty foods. In June or September, depending on favourable weather conditions, you may be able to find some porcini mushrooms. Autumn in Tuscany brings the chestnuts. You can also enjoy necci a chestnut flour pancake made into a roll and stuffed with ricotta or castagnaccio a flat chestnut cake with rosemary, pine nuts and citrus flavours.

Most Italians living in rural regions have their “orto” of vegetable patch. Not much is grown from seed as small plants are readily available at the right time for planting from local “agri garden” shops. Gardeners prefer natural methods to pesticides and plants are sprayed with copper rather than fancy, complicated chemicals.

Check back with our blog for seasonal information on healthy eating, health living, outdoor life, recipes, local information, local events and more.