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The Garfagnana is a historic region of Italy which today forms part of the province of Lucca. The way of life here is very traditional and it is the perfect region for our walking tours being in the most spectacular scenery in Tuscany.

Located between the Apuan Alps and the main part of the Apennines,  the area is famous for the production of marble as well as farro (spelt) and porcini mushrooms. Depending on the season that you are here, you will be able to try these local specialities during your walking holiday in Italy.

The native trees of the Garfagnana are mainly deciduous. The most common being the Chestnut which was an important food source until the second world war.

A striking and beautiful part of Tuscany, the Garfagnana has amazing, breathtaking scenery. It is different to much of the rest of the Tuscan region which has a less dramatic and rolling landscape. It is also without the crowds that you find in places such as Florence and Siena so you will find peace, tranquility an authentic, traditionally Italian way of life and a real connection with nature.